Jivantika Adya Sthan has built a 30 feet long pick up bus stand near Trikon Baug, in Rajkot, for the public. The Govt. has offered free land for this benevolent action. Jivantika Adya Sthan has one reserved seat in Cancer Hospital, Rajkot any needy Man Can take its benefit freely.

It is the tradition of Jivantika Adya Sthan to invite saints and devotees for Satsang and offer them use- full things only to seek Her blessings. There are four Navratri. At the end of each Navratri, children (Batuk and Kumarika) are being invited for dinner. The children are the representatives of Goddess. Over and above this, each Navratri has special program as under:

Maha Navratri Vajra Sampuf Jivantika Path.
Chaitra Navratri Tripura Sundari Path.
Asad Navratri Maha Laxmi Pooja by chanting
1108 Shri Suktam with Yagna.
Asho Navratri Ras Garbas (Devotional songs and dancing).

In Maha Navratri and Chaitra Navratri only enrolled devotees can come for collective chanting In Ashad Navratri only learned Brahmins perform chanting. Devotes can come for Darshan. In Asho Navratri, any one can take part in singing and dancing.

Last Friday of Sharvan Month

Jivantika Adya Sthan arranges one grand religious program on the last Friday of Sharavan month every Year. This Program is to seek blessings of the goddess and to seek Her forgiveness, if any one of us has knowingly or unknowingly committed any mistake/laps while observing the vrat of Goddess Jivantika. Of course, Jivantika is, by nature, kind and generous. She does not punish any one for the mistakes committed out of ignorance of under unavoidable circumstances. Even then, it is our duty to perform such action of forgiveness. In this program, there are following things:

Shri Maha pooja (Grand Ritual)
Shri Batuk Poojan
Shri Kumarika Poojan
Shri Yagna (Fire Offering)
Shri Jivantika Path (Chanting in group)
Shri Pushpa Vrushti (Showering Flowers)

It is best if you can remain present on this occasion. If you cannot you can get Prasadi at home demanding by Post. This Prasadi is being sent free to all who Desire.