This is the first temple in  the world.

Shri Jayambelal Kalyanji Dave
Jivantika Adyasthan is Private and domestic temple, belonging to Smt. Shardaben Jayambelal Dave. The temple does not appeal any one for donation. Shri Jayambelal Kalyanji Dave, the son of Shri Kalyanni Gopalji Dave (Penname DAYA KALYAN) is the first Acharya of this temple. He has installed the idol of Shri Jivantika for his personal spiritual progress and for the welfare of his family and the public in general, whatever is used for the welfare of the public and development of the temple.

The Skand Puran
There are 18 Purans (Mythology). The Skand Puran is one of them. Daya - Kalyan (Shri Kalyanji Gopalji Dave) read this Puran and was divinely

carried away while reading the Portion of Goddess Jivantika. He was extremely happy, knowing the graceful nature of the goddess. She is the provider and protector of Children. By some intuition and inspiration, he started to tell People of his Iittle town, Morbi about the Goddess. It was his desire to install one idol of the Goddess. It was his desire to Install one ikol of the Goddess but he could not. His Son, Shri Jayambelal Kalyanji Dave, invoked this Goddess in his personal residence by performing rituals as described in the Shashtras.