Statutory Rules for Jivantika Vrata per Skand Puran

The Jivantika Vrata endows all auspicious benefits, if is a remover of all types of worldly sorrows, it fulfills our auspicious ambition. This Vrata is especially for our Children. The Goddess Jivantika Protects our Children. The Goddess Jivantika Protects our children in home and out, at day and night, everywhere, every time. It also nourishes well our children. Goddess Jivantika is provider and protector of children. The mother can observe this Vrata for her children and her best married Life. The widow can observe this Vrata lor the benifit of her children. The virgin can observe this Vrata to fulfill her personal ambitions.

How to observe the Vrata ?

This is to be observe on the first Friday on Shravan month. If the first Friday is not convenient, it can be observed on the Second Friday For better result, it can be observed on all the Fridays in Shravan month.
In the morning, Pray the Goddess to help to observe this Vrata purely and seek her help.
The observer should wear neither yellow clothes nor gold ornaments. Only red clothes ae to be selected. The widow Can wear White clothes. observer may wear Silver ornaments Instead of Golden.
The observer observer should not take part in Social gatherings.
After the bath, in red clothes the observer would perform 'Pooja' As per time and strength and money.
Offer "Kansar", "Lapsi" made of Sugar.
If possible, let there be an "Arati" Preferably with five lamps or one lamp.
At the end of "Pooja" the observer should held rices in her right hand and pray to Goddess to protect the children everywhere. Then to put the rice on the heads of the children. If it is not possible sent the rice to them by post, even if it is not possible in that case through the rice in the four sides, i.e. East, West, North and South.
Request goddess to forgive our errors committed unknowingly.
If there is any mistake or error, the next Friday, is to be observed again.
The observer should take the "Kansar" only once in front of the picture of Goddess. 
All types of soft drinks and fruits can be taken, as per the requirement.
While performing daily duties chant Her Holy Name or listen to Her Holy Name.
If possible not to sleep for the whole night. if it is not possible, the observer should remain awake till 12 'O Clock night. Avoid all types of cheap entertainments like TV, Tape Radio etc. Read the whole story and "Path" before going to bed.
The observer should not speak a lie, should not take part in any mean hing, Do net lose your temper, observe celibacy. In any position, remember her Holy Name.